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A. Policy Statement

UVG Forex (We, Us, or UVG )and our affiliates respect the privacy of our visitors. We are highly committed to protecting the same. Our Privacy Policy aims to provide an accurate explanation for the practices we follow and how our customers' personal data or information will be collected, used, maintained, and disclosed by us.

We control the data we collect and maintain the same under the Privacy Policy explained below.

B. Personal Information That We Collect

In our efforts to provide the services to you when you visit our platform, use our services, or contact us, we collect information from you. During the following circumstances, we receive your information:

  • Visiting and using our website
  • Contacting our customer service team via any means of communication provided on the website
  • These interactions are collectively referred to by us as Website Services.
  • The following explains how we collect and use the information collected from our users through the Website Services.

What We Collect

Third parties acting on our behalf or we may collect your information when providing the Website Services, as may be required, and that includes:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country of residence
  • Date of birth/Age
  • IP address

C. How UVG Forex Uses Personal Information

We may hold and retain information about you for various purposes. We collect some of your data to help us deliver the best website services under our terms. We may also collect information in our legitimate business interest to serve you better. We are required to collect data and process it as per the legal requirements of the land.

However, we always collect the information by considering your privacy rights. The information we collect may be used to fulfill your request for our services on our website.

We also collect and use the information to deliver the best response according to your request and agreement with the applicable terms. 

  • Improve the services we offer

We are constantly looking to improve and innovate our website services. We use the information about how our users take advantage of the services we provide, how our users interact with diverse aspects of the services we offer and the duration for which you use our service.

All this information and insights are combined to help us create better service offerings and user experiences.

  • Deliver administrative information and share changes to our policies and contract terms.

When we make changes to our administration or other terms or policies related to our service offerings, we may need your information to inform you. We are required to do so under certain legal requirements.

  • To send various marketing or promotional communications like product announcements, upcoming events, educational materials, or our newsletters when you have not objected to receiving these kinds of information or with your consent to receive them when required. 
  • These may also include consumer surveys or marketing campaigns in accordance with the applicable laws.

Research and analysis to understand how our website services are used using cookies, web beacons, and other similar types of technologies to deliver personalized services on our website

The information we collect is also used to understand how our users interact with our services and how we can deliver better services for an improved user experience on our website.

  • We also use the information to understand, diagnose, and fix technical issues.

We wish to prevent any technical issues or other problems on our website that affect the delivery of the Website Services. In order to do this, we would require some information which may include your personal details to protect the performance and integrity of the website.

  • To comply with the requirements of applicable governmental requests, statutory regulations, and other legal processes from time to time.
  • For any other purposes that may be disclosed to you with respect to our services from time to time.

D. Disclosing The Personal Information We Collect

UVG Forex may disclose the personal information of our current or former customers to affiliated or non-affiliated third-party service providers with respect to our business conduct. 

These 3rd party businesses include:

  1. UVG Forex’s service providers that act on our behalf and deliver services under written agreements, which restrict the use of personal information only for what is intended according to the agreement. This may include companies offering us the technology, analytics services, currency exchange APIs, customer service, etc.
  2. UVG Forex’s strategic partners who we permit to vet your interest in our Website Services and foreign exchange payments.
  3. UVG Forex’s affiliates, who we permit to disclose and use the information only to the extent that UVG Forex may disclose and use the information under this Privacy Policy.
  4. UVG Forex’s attorneys, accountants, and auditors for ordinary business conduct.
  5. Persons who hold a legal or beneficial interest in the customer’s accounts.
  6. Persons acting in a fiduciary, representative, or attorney capacity in relation to an account.
  7. Persons who want to protect against actual or potential fraud; unauthorized claims, transactions, or liability to governments; regulatory or law enforcement agencies to the extent permitted or required by law; or to comply with the legal requirements applicable.
  8. Persons authorized to monitor the services provided by UVG Forex or a third party.
  9. For civil, criminal, or regulatory investigations compliance.
  10. To comply with the judicial process, legal summons, or warrants by appropriate authorities.
  11. In case UVG Forex is reorganized or involved in sales, merger, dissolution, etc.

E. How We Protect the Personal Information We Collect

We protect all the information we collect using highly secure and advanced servers which we operate. If we have given you a password to access certain services or parts of the website, you must keep the password confidential. We do not ask you to share the password with anyone or any individual said to be acting on our behalf.

At the same time, we understand that the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure, and there are many pitfalls that may affect the secure transmission of details or information we collect. Despite our using the best services and technologies as well as practices to ensure the protection of your personal information, guaranteeing the protection of your information is beyond practical on our website services and platforms. Hence, transmitting your information to our servers is always at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will take every action possible to ensure no unauthorized access to your information.

F. Where Do We Store the Information We Collect

The data we collect from our users is transferred to and stored at our secure services. Our staff may use and process the data who may not be at the server location for various purposes.

We also transfer the data collected from you for various purposes outside of the jurisdiction of the country where it is located for:

  • Storing the data collected
  • Providing goods and services as required by you based on the services we provide on our website
  • Complying with any legal requirements at times
  • Facilitating the operation of our group of businesses as required from time to time to improve the collective services we offer.

When we transfer the data from one location to another, we take all the necessary steps reasonably required to protect the data and ensure appropriate safeguards, such as using a recognized legal adequacy mechanism, ensuring the data is used securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy, etc.

We may transfer the data to the following countries as required from time to time to ensure better service delivery and improved user experience on our website.

  • USA
  • India
  • UK

G. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information

We keep the information collected from you for a period of 5 years to meet our contractual obligations with you. With respect to the web services we offer, we may collect the information for 12 months.

If the data is collected for a research purpose, we keep the data till a time when the data is no longer needed.

However, we keep the information collected from our users longer if the data is required to help us improve the services and products we offer.

H. Your Data Subject Rights

If you have any concerns regarding how we use your personal information or if you have any complaints regarding the same, you may contact the UVG Privacy Officer. We will thoroughly investigate the complaint and take all the actions necessary to ensure that the information is used according to the Privacy Policy and is protected. We will notify the customer or the user once these actions are taken.

As per our website services, you have the following rights under the circumstances:

  • Access your personal information and receive information about how your personal information concerning you is processed.
  • Request the erasure or rectification of the information collected by us
  • Object further processing your information and stop using it for marketing purposes
  • Request your personal information collected by us be moved to a third party

While you request for any of the above, such as erasure, remove not be able to provide you access to certain or all of the services offered by us because the information is used to provide you access to these services or access.

Your right to withdraw your consensus

If we process your personal information as per the consent you have already given, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us as per our privacy policy.

How to exercise your rights?

You can contact us at contact@uvgforex.com and exercise your right at any time you please.

If you think that your request has not been adequately addressed by us, you may contact any local data protection authority to have your concerns addressed.

I. Cookies

Cookies are small text files playlist by us on the users' computer browsers to understand and store the preferences of the users on our website services platform. Other third-party service providers may collect and store your personal information, which may be automatically generated, including your use page preferences and other usage statistics.

We collect information regarding your device, and we use tracking mechanisms such as cookies in order to facilitate better use of our website and mobile applications; ensure adequate customization of our services and other site features; help avoid customer re-entry of data, forecast preferences; improve security measures; and collect user information on our website and mobile apps for better research and promotional offers.

Personal information we collect may also be shared with other third parties who help us deliver the services to our customers. Such third-party service providers are also required to maintain the confidentiality of the information we collect from our users and share it with them.

We use cookies and other technologies to help us ensure that the service provided by us is top-notch in accordance with the contract with you or to help ourselves deliver better services to you or as required by us by law.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website and platform. They allow you to access secure areas and log in to your account.
  • Analytical/performance cookies: We use these cookies to gather information about the number of visitors and how they navigate our website and platform. This data helps us improve our services by ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Behavioral cookies: When you revisit our website or platform, these cookies help us recognize you and deliver your preferred user experience. Depending on your preferences, we can personalize the content you see, address you by name, and remember your choices, such as language or region.
  • Marketing cookies: Our marketing cookies are designed to provide you with more relevant online content and display advertisements that match your interests. We base these recommendations on your activity on our site and use the same while sending you any marketing or promotional offers via mail or social media.

Customers may adjust their preferences to reduce the role of cookies. However, it can affect the site's performance and accessibility to certain features offered by us. You can find more details about the same at https://www.aboutcookies.org

J. URLs on UVG Forex to Other Sites

There may be links on UVG Forex to other third-party websites and platforms which may or may not be associated with us. When you click these links, you will leave our website for good and reach their sites. We do not govern the data you share with them on their websites, or we have no control over how they use your data. They may or may not have a privacy policy for their website.

However, we urge you to review their Privacy Policy before providing any type of personal information to be on the safer side.

K. Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy

When we have a new Privacy Policy or change any aspect of our policy, we provide notifications to our users on the same. We may also publish the same on the website in a visible manner. It is the responsibility of the users to read and agree with them before accessing the services offered by us. If you disagree, refrain from using our website further. If you continue to use our services, you accept our new Privacy Policy and terms.

L. Contact us

UVG Forex will never ask you to share your password or other sensitive information under any circumstance by phone, email, or any other means of communication. If you receive any such requests from us, contact us first.

We value our customers’ opinions. If you have comments or questions about our Privacy Policy, they are invited to email us at contact@uvgforex.com