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A Complete Guide to Use UVG Forex Effortlessly to Understand Currency Exchange Rate

Are you looking to understand how to convert your currencies using our platform? You have come to the right place. The following guide will help you understand everything you need to know about currency conversion.

Using our platform, you can understand the current currency exchange rate and decide whether to go ahead with the exchange decision.

If you are ready to learn, let’s begin.

  1. When you visit the website, it has a simple and easy to understand interface. You can see the following option once you log on to the website:

  2. You will be able to now see two options on the interface:

    • From
    • To
  3. From is the area where you need to enter the currency you want to convert. To is the currency you want to get the currency exchange rate for.

    You can choose any currency from the drop-down available on the From section:

    You can find all the major currencies in the world in this drop-down along with the currencies of the island.

    Choose your currency from the drop-down on the ‘From’ section. For the demonstration purpose, let’s take UVG itself. Type the first letters of your currency and select the same.

  4. Now, enter the amount you want to exchange to your preferred foreign currency. Let’s enter a 100 and see.

    Upon clicking on convert, you can find your currencies’ worth in foreign currencies on the right side of the website as given below:

    The rates are displayed as below:

  5. As default, some of the most popular foreign currencies are given on the website. If you would like to add another currency to the list, you can click on the ‘Add Currency’ on the right side for a new row of currencies to display on the site.

  6. If you want to interchange the currencies between ‘From’ and ‘To’, click on the currency on the right. It will move to the ‘From’ section.

  7. Similarly, you can also add, new currencies to the ‘To’ section by choosing a Currency from the drop-down at the ‘From’ section and clicking on any currency on the right to replace it.

  8. You can add any number of currencies to the ‘To’ section clicking on the ‘Add Currency’.

  9. Similarly, you can remove the added currencies by clicking on the ‘Dustbin’ option on the upper right-hand corner, as given below.

It is extremely easy to use the UVG Forex platform to convert your currencies quickly. As the platform has a simple and seamless interface, anyone can use the platform for currency conversion.

We hope that this guide has been able to clear all your doubts regarding how the platform works. If you have any doubts regarding the currency exchange rate, please contact us.