Frequently Asked Questions

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about us

Using highly advanced technologies and timely analysis, we source currency exchange rates from the most reliable sources in the world. Hence, our rates are accurate and reliable.

The currency rates displayed on the UVG Forex platform are the average of the rates we collect from global market leaders in the forex world. We constantly update the sources and test our exchange rates to ensure the best and most accurate results.

No, you don’t need to create an account with us to use our platform. Ours is a freely available platform that our users can conveniently use to find out the currency exchange rates against their local currencies.

We update our exchange rates at midnight when other exchanges update their conversion rates. Our robust and super-efficient systems, quickly make the adjustments to deliver the most accurate rates for all our users.

No, we have made our currency conversion services free for anyone that wants to use the service.

Yes, you can access our currency exchange platform from anywhere in the world.